What's Trending Now? October 1

What's Trending Now? October 1

The domestic economy is hitting on all cylinders, as many wonder how much room is left to run in our current cycle. Our trend observations as of October 1, 2018.

By Justin Nuckols
Category: Economics & Markets

S&P 500: Despite continued noise around escalating trade wars, investors are pricing in a robust earnings season.


10-Year U.S. Treasury Notes: Yields are at their highest since May as the FOMC announced the widely expected rate hike.


U.S. Dollar: Last Wednesday’s interest rate hike modestly rebounded the dollar as the Fed is tightening sooner than other central banks.


Crude Oil: OPEC confirming limited production, Iranian sanctions affecting supply, and U.S. avoiding selling reserves has added momentum to the upside in crude.


Gold: The precious metal has been tightly rangebound, while taking a short-term step lower on a strengthening U.S. dollar.