What's Trending Now? November 19, 2018

What's Trending Now? November 19, 2018

Gloomy forecasts coupled with an unyielding Fed policy are weighing on financial markets. Our trend observations as of November 19, 2018.

By Justin Nuckols
Category: Economics & Markets

S&P 500: Worry over peaked profits, slowing growth, and confident forecasts of costlier capital for companies is weighing on equity markets.


10-Year U.S. Treasury Notes: Recent investor anxiety has supported treasury prices. This could prove to be a headwind to the bearish price trend.


U.S. Dollar: The global flight to the dollar continues to strengthen the currency in a year themed with worry and uncertainty in capital markets.


Crude Oil: The past 7 weeks have exhibited a strong bearish trend.


Gold: The precious metal fell back towards $1200, a level where it had been rangebound for months.