What’s Trending Now? January 21, 2019

What’s Trending Now? January 21, 2019

Volatility caused by near-term political and economic uncertainty has characterized the start of 2019. Our trend observations as of January 21, 2019.

By Justin Nuckols
Category: Economics & Markets

S&P 500: Domestic equities have begun to recover from 2018’s late sell-off by progress in trade talks and the Fed’s hint at hesitating in tightening.


10-Year U.S. Treasury Notes: Yield compression has halted by way of muted inflation data and the Fed’s flexibility on policy.


U.S. Dollar: Fed’s easing stance on monetary policy has begun rolling over the dollar’s uptrend.


Crude Oil: Abundant supplies and sustained weakness in global demand keep energy prices suppressed.


Gold: Momentum in the precious metal has waned amidst hopeful trade talks.