What’s Trending Now? December 10, 2018

What’s Trending Now? December 10, 2018

Volatility is likely to continue into 2019 as Fed policy becomes less predictable and geopolitical risks remain. Our trend observations as of December 10, 2018.

By Justin Nuckols
Category: Economics & Markets

S&P 500: Equity markets are showing increasing volatility due to trade negotiations, inversion of the yield curve, and slowing growth.


10-Year U.S. Treasury Notes: Treasuries yields have been fallen as the Fed hints at a less aggressive interest rate policy.


U.S. Dollar: The dollar maintains its strength as investors choose modest yield in cash over enduring volatility in risky assets.


Crude Oil: The bearish trend has stalled as OPEC is discusses production cuts for 2019.


Gold: The precious metal recently caught a tailwind towards the upside from forecasts of weaker global economic growth.